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The Folawns brand was founded in 1994 by owners Terry & Ken Folawn. Since then The Day Spa @ Folawns in San Antonio has become an award winning Salon and  Med Spa. What started with only five hairstylists and one receptionist, has now grown to over 50 employees. At Folawns we use Aveda and Skinceutical products exclusively, and are aligned with Aveda’s mission that connects beauty, environment, and well-being.

At Folawn’s our priority is to give you the experience of 5 star care. "Every Guest, Every Time" is not just our slogan but our commitment. As a company we stand by our philosophy to never become 

complacent. Our mandate to ourselves and our team is to continue growing, giving back, and striving to learn. Thus making our business, technical, and customer care skills always at its peak. It’s through this passion for ongoing education and growth that Folawn’s guests see the difference with every visit.

"Every Guest, Every Time"

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The Future Of Folawns

In 2015, Ken and Terry's daughter, Hailee Folawn, graduated high school and expressed interest in the family business. Since then she has graduated from the University of Texas Tech with a BS in Retail Management and Restaurant Hotel Institutional Management (RHIM). She is currently our Marketing Director and Assistant Manager, and hopes to one day take over the family business. 

The Day Spa @ Folawns is now a Green Circle Salon! We repurpose and recover up to 95% of the resources that were once considered waste; materials such as hair, leftover hair color, foils, color tubes, aerosol cans, paper, and plastics. We do charge a small Eco Fee ($2) in order to keep this program running.

Community Involement 

My Princess & Me

Founded in 2004 by Terry Folawn, My Princess & Me has been making dreams come true, big and small for the children of St. Peter - St. Joseph Children's Home (St. PJ’s). An annual event that The Day Spa @ Folawns staff love to volunteer for. On this day, the girls of St PJ’s, will join over 300 daughters from the San Antonio community, to become princesses for a day. A day of fancy dresses, dancing, makeovers, cupcakes, and sparkles may sound like an ordinary day of play for some. However, the feeling of a special day of dreams and imagination can be a turning point in the healing of an abused and neglected child. 

Wags 4 Water

If you’re a dog owner and perhaps a runner or just a dog walker,  then Wags For Water is the perfect event for you!  Thanks to this dog-friendly fun run "Wags 4 Water" your pup can finally get a bite of glory. This is not your ordinary 5K. We start the walk at The Day Spa @ Folawns and yes you guessed it... you get to walk with your dog! This charity walk also offers plenty of post-race perks, like doggie treats, grooming, and massages (human ones, too!). 

The Day Spa @ Folawns will be hosting our 2nd Annual Wags 4 Water Fun Run/Walk with your pup Sunday, April 26th 

Check out www.wags4water.com for more info.

Forty Days - Forty Items

February 26th 2020 is the first day of Lent this year! The Day Spa @ Folawns has a challenge for you! Each day of Lent remove one item from your closet that you no longer wear or need and put it into a trash bag that we provide. At the end of the 40 days, bring them back to Folawns and we will donate them on your behalf to Church Under the Bridge for someone who can really use them.

The Ferrari Kid

The Ferrari Kid teams up with kids who are coping with cancer, dealing with illness, going through chemotherapy, radiation, and so much more. The goal at The Ferrari Kid is to give those kids a chance to forget about all of that for a day and remind them that they were born for greatness. They have the privilege of picking the kids up in Ferraris and treating them to a “celebrity-like” day. Folawns has had the privilege to collaborate with The Ferrari Kid this year and create an unforgetable event for these amazing kids.

Back To School Supply Drive

Join us in collecting back to school items and clothing for the homeless families of SAMMinistries-Overcoming Homelessness all of July 2019. As you know, back to school can be stressful especially for those looking for a place to live. Let’s make life easier for the folks in our community by donating some simple items. 


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