Eyelash Implants



Fuller, thicker, healthier-looking lashes in as little as 90 minutes. Folawns Lash Extensions are extremely lightweight and holds curl with incredible retention. Available in 2 looks: Classic & Volume.

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Frequently Asked Questions for Lash Extensions

"Why don't my lashes look like the photo I showed?"

  • Every lash style and application is unique to you, with the health and integrity of your natural lash in mind! ​Your lashes may not look exactly like the photo you showed our technicians or what was requested dur to:

    • Different eye shape​.

    • Different lash curl.

    • Thicker or thinner natural lash line.

    • Longer or shorter natural lashes.

"Will lash extensions damage my natural lashes?"

  • When properly applied, no. The only cases in which natural lashes are damaged from lash extensions are:​

    • Improper amount of adhesive​.

    • Applied too close to the skin. 

    • Applied to multiple natural lashes.

    • Extensions are too heavy or long for natural lashes.

"Why do I need fills?"

  • Refill appointments are required for maintenance of the lash extensions. You can expect to lose anywhere from 2-8 natural lashes a day. In a week you are losing anywhere from 15-55​ lashes attached to the extension. By week 2 that brings you to losing anywhere from 30-110 lashes. Refills are expected to be done when you have:

    • 50-60% of lashes left​.

    • Roughly every 2-3 weeks.

  • Refill appointments do not just add lashes on, we also remove outgrown or twisted lashes. This is why we ask you come to your appointment with no less than 50% of lashes. If you come with 50% or less of your lashes still attached, an additional fill may be required or a full set.

"Why aren't my extensions lasting a long time?"

  • There are many reasons that can happen, depending on the time of the year - you could be be experiencing a lash shedding  cycle.​

  • Other reasons include:

    • Use of oils on skin. ​

    • Improper cleansing.

    • Getting your lash extensions wet within the first 24 hours of application.

    • Brushing your lash extensions too hard.

    • Sleeping on your new lash extensions.

    • Hormonal changes.

    • Vitamins or medications (Examples: Fish oil, Biotin).

    • Exposure to extreme heat (Saunas, steam, hot showers).


After Care For Lash Extensions

  1. First 24 hours: no water, no sweating

  2. Stay away from oils (oils break down lash adhesive).

    • This includes skincare products, eyeliner, mascara, fake tan, setting spray, makeup removers.​​

  3. Wash lashes everyday

    • Washing the lashes daily ensures retention and cleanliness ​.

    • Lash shampoo removes oil, dirt, makeup, dead skin buildup, and bacteria.

    • Wash directly after exercising, crying, or swimming.

  4. Do NOT mess with your lashes.

    • Do NOT pick, pull, tug or yank on lashes.​

    • Do NOT tint, perm, or use a lash curler on your lash extensions.

    • Lash extensions are attached to your natural lashes, pulling on them can pull out your natural lashes.

  5. Do NOT sleep on your lash extensions.

    • If you sleep on your side or face, invest in a silk pillowcase and/or a contoured eye mask.​

    • Sleeping on your lash extensions can cause premature lash loss, and altering of lash curl.