Beard Therapy

60 Minute Treatment

Step 1: Sensory journey and opening ritual

Step 2: Double cleanse, go lightly in the beard

Step 3: Begin Steam, apply refinement to cheek, nose, forehead and decollete. Apply dime sized amount of shampoo to beard. Working in circular cleansing motions for up to two minutes. Remove excess shampoo with a hot towel. Drape neck with 2nd hot towel, using a dispenser bottle, lightly drip cool water into beard. Similar to method used for dissolving salts in the dual exfoliation treatment. Use this towel to drape face full and remove any remaining shampoo and refinement.

Step 4: Apply a hydrating masque to cheek, nose, forehead and decollete. Apply a dime sized amount of conditioner to beard. Allow to sit for 7-10 minutes. During this time, perform a scalp massage with cooling oil.

Step 5: Remove all product from face and beard with hot towel. Begin an Aveda Facial Massage. Follow with a hot towel to remove excess oil. Using a dry towel, gently manipulate beard to remove excess water and oil.