Shine On...

Getting ready for beach season we are prepping our body’s and skin with detoxes, body polishes and tanning. Not forgetting our luscious locks, everyone also wants to lighten up their hair and put a kiss of highlights or maybe go up a shade or two. Let’s face it ladies our Tans just look better.

One of the down sides though with the lighter shades and the high lifting is that we don’t have the shine that comes with your darker riche hair color, because the cuticle tends to more lifted and less smooth.

Imagine your favorite red nail polish with no top coat, sad!!!! But if we pop a clear high gloss on it Wowza! It Adds depth and dimension through the shine.

Aveda have come up with a fab Shine treatment that will enhance the preexisting color by allowing it to reflect and refract light off the shaft of the hair by adding this clear coat. This also only takes an extra 5 mins at the bowl after the shampoo and before the conditioner .It seals down the cuticle and improves the appearance of the hair condition lasting up to 20 shampoos giving a beautiful shine. As with all of Aveda product it is 93 % naturally derived from plants and non-petroleum minerals and water.

Getting summer ready? Come shine on with the Family here at Folawns and add this to your next haircut.

Till next time.

Blogger: Angie Hunt