The Big Bang Theory

Updated: Mar 13, 2019

I hear it all the time these days especially with all the celebs taking the plunge and getting bangs. “Do you think I could rock Bangs? “ Well ladies, here are the basic concerns, questions and answers that we should ask ourselves before we reach for the scissors. Oh, and I know you do!

1. Let a professional do it! It may look easy, but it is not and its front and center. There is no hiding a mistake.

2. Not every bang is for everyone. The shape of your face determines what style of bang would look most flattering.

  • A round or heart shaped face can look good with a very hard angular straight bang because it balances out the other round features.

  • A square face shape should avoid a straight line and go with a wispy curtain fringe that is longer at the temple area and you could even sweep it off to the side.

  • An Oval shaped face can pretty much pull anything off.

3. The rule of thumb is that wherever the length of the bang ends, that is the feature that you emphasize

So, for instance, the long heavy curtain bang is going to high light your cheek bones or nose, but the bangs that skim the brow will highlight the eyes. If you want to highlight great brows or a fantastic pair of eyes or frames you will want to go with a baby bang. Flattering bangs should frame and highlight your most positive features and not overwhelm the face.

4. Questions every girl should ask themselves before they make the commitment.

  • Do I mind hair in my face?

  • Will I be able to make time for regular trims?

  • Will I be willing to style my bangs every day?

  • Do I wear glasses? This will affect how the bang will lay.

  • Make sure you understand the level of commitment if you have highly textured hair or a cow lick that will have to be addressed daily.

With all this taken into consideration, they are a fun way to add sass to an old cut, often giving the allusion of youth or length to your hair. Highlighting your best features and hiding your worst. If you have never taken the plunge give it a whirl, it could be the change that you needed. Come and see us at The Day Spa @ Folawns. We will bang you right into shape!

Blogger: Angie Hunt

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