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Aveda Facial Including New Microdermabrasion & Microcurrent Services
What Is MICROCURRENT? Often referred to as "non-surgical" face lift, Microcurrent facial or Facial sculpting When you look in the mirror do you see a face looking back that doesn't match how you feel inside? Loose skin, loss of tone, loss of elasticity, what happened to the younger me? I don't feel this old.then MICROCURRENTis the treatment for you, WITH ABSOLUTELY NO DOWN TIME AT ALL! It is a must add to anyone who is seeing the effects of time on their face.
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Microcurrent Facial Treatment

Microcurrent Services & Series

Series of 6 Microcurrent Facial Treatments $750 (value $900/1 FREE)

Series of 12 Microcurrent Facial Treatments $1500 (value $1800/2FREE)

  • Guests MUST purchase a customized After-Care Essential Trio to be used daily during treatments. After-Care Essential Trio consists of a Sunscreen, Serum and heavy Moisturizer from AVEDA or USANA.

Microdermabrasion Services & Series

Series:  Buy  5  get  ONE  FREE

Series  of  6  Microdermabrasion  Facial  Treatments  $625  (value  $750) Series  of  6  Microdermabrasion  A  La  Carte  $500  (value  $600)

*Guests  MUST  purchase  a  customized  After-Care  Essential  Trio  to  be  used  daily during  treatments.  After-Care  Essential  Trio  consists  of  a  Sunscreen,  Serum  and heavyMoisturizer  from  AVEDA  or  USANA  lines.

*AVEDA  After-  Care  Essentials  $133-160 *USANA  After-Care  Essentials  $196

Microdermabrasion Facial
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Give Back To Your School

The Day Spa @ Folawn’s will donate 10% back to our beloved Churchill High School every time one of our parents, teachers or students receive a service.

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