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We Are Folawns


The Folawns brand was founded in 1994 by owners Terry & Ken Folawn. Since then Folawns Medical Spa and Salon in San Antonio Texas has become an award winning Salon and Medical Spa. What started with only five hairstylists and one receptionist, has now grown to over 50 employees including Terry's mother Shirley, and Ken and Terry's daughter Hailee Folawn. At Folawns we use Aveda, Kerastase, Skinceuticals, and Jane Iredale products exclusively, and are aligned with Aveda’s mission that connects beauty,

environment, and well-being.

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"Every Guest, Every Time"

At Folawn’s our priority is to give you the experience of 5 star care. "Every guest, every time" is not just our slogan but our commitment. As a company we stand by our philosophy to never become complacent. Our mandate to ourselves and our team is to continue growing, giving back, and striving to learn. Thus making our business, technical, and customer care skills always at its peak. It’s through this passion for ongoing education and growth that Folawn’s guests see the difference with every visit.

Folawns goes Medical

After the pandemic shut down the world in 2020, Folawns re-opened our doors as a Medical Spa! Since then Folawns has partnered with Dr. Hannah Hamlin & Dr. Sabino Lara and has  become a leading Medical Spa in San Antonio, TX.

Our Supervising Physician is Dr. Hannah Hamlin. Dr. Hamlin is a Lifestyle Med Physician, IFMCP. She brings her insight and knowledge to collaborate with patients in decision-making about medical therapies and lifestyle approaches that are tailored to their individual desires and needs.

Our Consulting Physician is Dr. Sabino Lara. Dr. Lara received his undergraduate degree from the University of Texas at Austin. He later went on to pursue medicine at the Texas Tech University of Health Sciences where he graduated with his medical degree with multiple honors.  He continued his medical training and graduated from the University of Texas Dell Medical School General Surgery Residency program with a Distinction tract status.

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The Future of Folawns

In 2015 Hailee Folawn, the daughter of Ken and Terry Folawn, graduated high school and expressed interest in the family business. While attending college at Texas Tech University Hailee worked summers and winter breaks as a Beauty Consultant, learning everything she can about Folawns and the Beauty Industry.

In 2019, Hailee graduated college with a degree in Business Management & Marketing, and came back to us full-time as our General Manager. Since then she has taken over our Medical Spa and has acquired a new title; Medical Spa Director. Today she continues to grow our Medical Spa and brings new ideas and education to our incredibly talented Medical Spa staff of Laser Technicians, RN's, PA's, and Medicals Aestheticians.

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Green Circle Salons

Folawns Medical Spa and Salon is now a Green Circle Salon! We repurpose and recover up to 95% of the resources that were once considered waste; materials such as hair, leftover hair color, foils, color tubes, aerosol cans, paper, and plastics.


*We do charge a small Eco Fee ($2) in order to keep this program running.*