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Boost natural collagen, improve skin quality, and bring out your youthful glow with Sculptra. (Not just another filler.) Sculptra is a biostimulatory aesthetic injectable that helps stimulate your own natural collagen production to smooth facial wrinkles and improve skin tightness, revealing a refreshed-looking you.

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What is Sculptra?

Sculptra is an innovative, FDA-approved biostimulatory filler that stands out by addressing the underlying causes of aging, rather than merely treating the symptoms. Unlike traditional fillers and toxins, Sculptra stimulates your body’s natural collagen production, delivering more natural-looking results that can last three to five times longer. This makes Sculptra an excellent option for those seeking long-term improvements in facial volume and skin texture.


How Does Sculptra Work?

Sculptra is composed of poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA), a biocompatible and biodegradable compound that promotes collagen production within your body. Upon injection, Sculptra helps restore the skin’s inner structure and gradually increases collagen over time. This process enhances skin texture, corrects deep lines and wrinkles, and boosts facial volume. Unlike hyaluronic acid-based fillers, Sculptra equips your skin with the necessary tools to combat aging naturally and progressively.


Ideal Candidates for Sculptra

Sculptra is suitable for a wide range of individuals looking to rejuvenate their appearance. Whether you want to add youthful volume to your face, smooth out deep lines and wrinkles, or achieve a softer, dewy complexion, Sculptra is a versatile solution. It is especially recommended for those who have lost facial volume due to aging or weight loss, or for anyone seeking a revitalized appearance without obvious signs of cosmetic enhancement. Sculptra’s results are long-lasting and natural-looking, making it an excellent choice for individuals aged 24 to 82.


Treatment Areas and Benefits

The recent expansion of FDA approval allows Sculptra to be used for a variety of treatments, making it highly versatile. Common areas treated with Sculptra include thin faces and hollow cheeks, facial folds, deep lines and wrinkles on the face and neck, and regions such as the temples, cheeks, chin, and jawline. Sculptra can also improve overall skin texture and tone, complement other treatments like microneedling RF and laser therapies, and maximize the effects of other injectables.


Treatment Plan and Longevity

For optimal results, we typically recommend 2-4 Sculptra treatments spaced at least four weeks apart. Most clients enjoy the benefits for about 25 months, with some seeing effects last up to three years. Factors such as age, metabolism, and individual responses to injectables can influence the duration of results, but Sculptra generally offers longer-lasting improvements compared to other fillers and skincare treatments.


Post-Treatment Care Instructions

  1. Facial Massage:

    • Massage your face five times a day for five minutes each session, for five days. This helps ensure Sculptra integrates fully into the tissues, stimulates absorption for better results, and prevents nodules. Use a jade roller or your fingers. SkinCeuticals B5 Hydrating Gel or HA Intensifier is recommended for massage, as these products are approved for post-procedure care and will aid your skin during the acute recovery phase.

  2. Exercise and Alcohol:

    • Exercise increases blood flow to the skin, raising the potential for bruising. Alcohol thins the blood, increasing the likelihood of bruising and swelling. Be aware that exercising or drinking alcohol post-injection can heighten these effects.

  3. Sleeping Position:

    • For the first 24-48 hours, try to sleep on your back. Placing a pillow under your knees and one under each arm can help maintain this position.

  4. Bruising and Swelling:

    • Use oral or topical Arnica, or both, to help reduce bruising and swelling. Bromelain supplements are also beneficial for post-treatment recovery.

  5. Initial Fullness and Results:

    • Sculptra is diluted with a saline solution, creating immediate fullness after injection. This will subside as your body absorbs the saline over the next 48 hours. This phase marks the beginning of your body's collagen-building process, with results becoming apparent around three months and fully visible at six months post-treatment.

  6. Treatment Plan:

    • The number of treatments and vials needed will depend on your skin's laxity, as determined by your injector. Multiple treatments may be required over the next few months.

  7. Maintenance Phase:

    • After the initial treatment phase, you will enter a maintenance phase, requiring treatments once a year or every two years to address ongoing collagen loss due to aging. Sculptra aims to slow down the aging process subtly and gracefully, not stop it.

  8. Ongoing Support:

    • Your injector is always available for any concerns or questions. Do not hesitate to reach out.

  9. Supplements:

    • You may resume taking your supplements one week after your Sculptra treatment.


At Folawn's Medical Spa and Salon, our expert team is dedicated to providing safe, effective, and natural-looking results with Sculptra. Contact us today to schedule your consultation and discover how Sculptra can help you achieve a rejuvenated, youthful appearance.

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