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Shop Father's Day Packages

Gift Dad with a Spa Day at The Day Spa @ Folawns! Shop our packages and stop by for our Annual Father's Day Tailgate on June 20th from 12pm-6pm.

Hair Care

Our Beauty Salon - Hair Care menu and pricing is designed to reflect our service providers’ expertise rating, which ranges from Prodigy to Master.

Skin Care

Aveda Skin Care combines the power of plants with ancient wisdom and modern science. Aveda’s Elemental Nature Facials help restore your natural beauty.


& Pedicures

Experience customized care for your hands and feet. Rejuvenating services includes proper maintenance and grooming of nails and cuticles.

Color Services

Aveda full-spectrum™ hair color has you covered. From permanent hair color services to glossing services, its hair color customized just for you for personalized results every time. 


Our Relaxing Waxing rituals provide effective hair removal while providing maximum comfort.


For whatever occasion, day or night, your certified Folawn’s Makeup Artist will ensure your look is tailored to enhance your skin type.

Relaxers & Perms

Our stylists can transform frizzy curls into silky straight locks. Or take your poker straight hair to curly new heights. Relaxers, texture smoothers, and permanent waves are a few of the options available to help you achieve a new look.


Discover a sanctuary at The Day Spa at Folawns and find relief that welcomes and nurtures you, freeing your mood and your day.


At The Day Spa @ Folawns, we offer one of the worlds’ leading brands of facial injections – Botox – to improve the appearance of your skin. Botox uses a form of botulinum toxin to temporarily paralyze muscle activity. Botox injections are the perfect form of treatment to reduce the appearance of facial wrinkles and crow’s feet in adults.


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"It was wonderful to have a relaxing afternoon enjoying a Mani/Pedi at Folawn’s! Every team member makes you feel welcomed. They have done an exceptional job of making the necessary modifications required during this time of social distancing, so that each service is performed in a safe environment for both the client and the provider. Outstanding job Folawn’s!"

-Anita Garza

"Missed you guys so much while you were closed! Just getting my hair, brows, and face done and I feel like a new woman. As usual you guys were amazing and top-notch! Welcome back! ❤️."

-Rose Davis

"I missed everyone at Folawns! Everyone who works there is truly friendly and kind. It was awesome to open that door and immediately feel at home! They also put excellent precautions in place so that we can have beauty and safety! I give Folawns 100 stars"

-Karen Myers

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